Q: Do you install the glass roofs and bi-fold doors?

A: Yes we can install your glass roof lantern and bi-fold doors in Essex and London areas.

Q: What is a standard size glass roof and bi-fold doors?

A: Glass roofs can be all sizes, but a good size roof lantern is 2 meters wide and 3 meters long.

A good sized bi-fold doors would be 3/4 meters wide and 2.3 high as this lets in more light.

Doors are standard 2.1 high

Q: What is the smallest bi-fold doors?

A: The smallest bi-fold should be no less than 1.6 meters wide and 2.1 meters high.

Q: Should the fitters take down old timber on my soffit's and fascia or go over the top?

A: When we fit soffit and fascia's we always take down old timber as the old timber sweats underneath the plastic.